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Samantha Black’s aesthetic is pure and simple: to create limelight-worthy pieces with a couture trade hand. She’s just as passionate about great design as she is for her client base, be it the average Jane searching for a red carpet stunner or a mega musician like Beyonce.

Sammy B is a women’s ready-to-wear clothing line that is feminine with an eclectic edge. With the use of line, attention to detail and with a natural ease, Sammy B has become the "It Girl’s" favorite brand, perfect for the new modern woman.




Sammy B embodies the values that NYC holds at its core. And gives it a kick of feminine flair.

New York is a city of contrast.

It is a city that fuses the many cultures, styles, and belief systems ingrained in the people who walk its streets and call it home. It is a city that embraces its past with open arms, while keeping a sharp eye on the future. Its walls are layered with textures reflecting what once was and what is still to come. It is a city of influence. It doesn’t follow the latest trends, but rather cultivates them. It encourages collaboration, especially among the most surprising and unexpected…

As does Sammy B.

Sammy B is for the rule breakers, the risk takers, and the go-getters. It is for those who are looking to make their own mark. It is for the playful and the adventurous. Sammy B believes there is no right way or wrong way. There is no mold to fit, or form to follow.

Rather, there is your way.